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Diamond necklace, part of the French crown jewels was collier aux quartre rivieres, a four-strand diamond necklace which originally had two large shoulder bows. Set with 222 diamonds weighing a total of 363 carats.

The most important diamond necklace ever offered at auction at the time --- sold for $4,400,500 in 1994. Harry Winston.

Crown of Imperial Russia All regalia of Imperial and Tzar that are kept in The Diamond Fund, Kremlin, Moscow

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Emerald and diamond necklace, by Cartier. This piece features two large emeralds (44.42 and 42.50 carats) surrounded by 75 carats of diamonds.Via Diamonds in the Library.

A SPECTACULAR DIAMOND NECKLACE Designed as graduated baguette-cut diamond articulated lines, gathered at the front by a pavé-set diamond ribbon motif, extending a cascade of baguette-cut diamond tassels, each terminating with a circular-cut diamond, further enhanced by a trillion and bullet-cut diamond clasp, mounted in platinum and 18k white gold, 15½ ins., with French assay marks

The Dresden Green Diamond is a 41 carats (8.2 g) natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. In 1768, the diamond was incorporated into an extremely valuable hat ornament, surrounded by two large and 411 medium-sized and small diamonds. This is the setting that the Dresden Green still appears in today. Today, the diamond is shown in the "New Green Vault" at Dresden Castle.

Graff 70-carat light-pink diamond drop on a white diamond necklace. Amazing!

Diamond riviere of 36 large brilliants, the largest weighing 32 carats - see photos of empress marie feodrovna wearing this necklace