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LOW GI FOODS Research has shown that consumption of low GI foods leads to: improved blood sugar (glucose) control and lipid levels in individuals with diabetes, better weight control because these foods reduce the appetite and delay hunger, reduction of insulin levels and fewer spikes of insulin, a lower incidence of heart disease, a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

Popular low-fat diets 'will not help keep the weight off and are bad for your body',

Low GI recipe: tuna-stuffed tomatoes.

Need this book... some of the recipes sound really good and who doesn't want to lose weight and eat their cake, too?!?

Sugar Crash Scale by lifehacker from Massive Health: The foods at the top right corner are those with the greater satiety and lower glycemic index: More filling and less crashing! You can put the index to work by making easy snacking swaps, since choosing the right food can mean the difference between one snack or five throughout the day. Instead of eating bananas, then, go for oranges or apples. Instead of cereal, try eggs or all-bran for breakfast. #Sugar_Crash

5 ways to lower the GI of your meals

Low Glycemic Food Chart List Printable | of types of food simple illustration of glycemic index foods kids stay ...

55 and lower GI foods

N'oatmeal Bars by @SpunkyCoconut @Kelly Brozynana

Low GI Shake, avacado, coconut milk, almond milk, stevia, vanilla