• Rainy Day Mum

    The importance of using IMAGES and VIDEOS in social media. #Storytelling on Social Networks & #socialmedia Infographic - Links to the infographic site is in Spanish but can be translated via Google Translate easily

  • Ivan Muljevski

    Inbound marketing infographic

  • Digital Media Training

    Storytelling - Social Media #Infographic #socialmedia #storytelling #content #marketing #brand

  • CreativeWorks Marketing

    Not using images on your social media websites? Maybe it's time to incorporate more images and videos! People love seeing images, and it's a great way to encourage interaction.

  • Emmanuel Personne

    Visual Storytelling via photos and video. #Infographic #socialmedia #storytelling #content #marketing #brand

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Previous pinner: "Digital storytelling" -- Kathy Schrock does her usual excellent job compiling all sorts of resources on digital storytelling, with a slant towards education and classroom use.

"11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources" -- Click through for a good post (through from 2011) from "Free Technology for Teachers" with links to more than just 11 resources.

Previous pinner: "NYT Interactives 2013" -- SH: "2013: The Year in Interactive Storytelling: From a ship in the South China Sea to the cost of health care in the United States, the range of subjects here is broad, but the common thread is the form of storytelling — an integration of text, video, photography and graphics." Some of the best of the best.

"Digital Storytelling for Halloween" -- A nice round-up of "some sites that have Halloween images and themes that can easily be used to publish your seasonal stories and poetry."

"Telling Your Story with Digital Narrative" [photo by Wesley Fryer: www.flickr.com/...]

"Digital storytelling as information literacy development" -- Presentation from the Library 2.012 worldwide virtual conference, October 3 - 5, 2012." -- (Recording will not link here, but to connect, search for "Paul Bond" on the click-through page, then click on the purple circle at the "Recording" page.)

"Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling" -- Good for digital or otherwise!

"The StoryBuilder app (for iPad) provides an image and a series of prompts to support telling a story. ...use this app to work on answering questions as well as for building articulation skills, imagination, and cohesive, detailed stories."

Previous pinner: Zopler - Collaborative Story Telling. Zopler is a social network where writers, authors and students can easily collaborate on writing stories together as a group. If you choose to use this with students consider making your stories private. For a short video introduction go to www.youtube.com/...

"StoryCode provides a vibrant source of resources for the immersive storytelling community."

For Brand Engagement, Visuals Rule

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

60 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information

Elements of a Transmedia Story

Social Media: If Content Is King, Then Storytelling Is Queen. 18 Checkpoints To Consider.

Geofeedia helps journalists locate real-time photos, tweets where news breaks

Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak infographic (From ishmaelscorner.com)

Business Storytelling – Using Literary Techniques to Strengthen a Presentation. While aimed at presenters, the concepts still apply to digital storytelling for businesses.

Making News Useful. From the recent TechRaking summing at the Googleplex, "News isn't just about information. It's also storytelling. Anyone can publish text, photos or even video to the Web now. But technology enables new, compelling storytelling techniques that could shine in the hands of dedicated news organizations." [Link edited to go to original article.]

Four-module purchasable e-learning workshop with a business orientation aimed at being "a crash course in social media storytelling."

The Storytelling Mandala. via laboratoriumbr and Storify

Become a social curator with STORIFY

General introduction to digital storytelling (in an educational context), along with additional resources.