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    • Suzi Holler

      "Cold Blue (by John & Tina Reid)"

    • lofi

      Borgarnes, Iceland. Steeped in Icelandic saga history and excellent Reyka vodka, this town of about 2,000 has a surrounding fjord where clouds surreally stream out from between clefts only to vanish.

    • Leroy A.B.

      October Destination chosen: Iceland it is!

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    "Peyto Lake, Banff NP, Alberta, Canada," by b_vds, via Flickr -- I love that the angle/cropping makes this gorgeous lake look like a star! (It doesn't at a wider view.)

    "Rhododendron rescue: Couple 'trapped' in dense forest on Irish mountainside ... The thick rhododendron forest is on steep ground overlooking Bay Lough in the Knockmealdowns Mountains." -- Gorgeous mountain rhododendron, but click through to find out how amazingly dangerous it is!

    "Norbeck Pass Hoodoo," by Rikk Flohr, via Flickr -- "Badlands National Park: This formation sits in a hole and is hard to photograph due to a roadway nearby. The formation is about 15-20 feet tall..." -- I've been pinning Super Bowl stuff, and for right this second, all I see is the inspiration for the trophy.

    "Somewhere over the rainbow" -- This breathtaking shot was caught by Joan Perry in Caw Caw Park, Ravenel, S.C. From the comments by the photographer, what causes this is "mid afternoon light reflecting off the surface" of the "tannin in the water from the decomposing cypress leaves."

    "The red-hued rock of Roussillon France" -- "...the magic behind what makes Roussillon so utterly spectacular and unique. Her abundance of ochre, a natural pigment mixed with sand that can give off brilliant, bright colors ranging from yellow, orange, red to even purples." Click through for more photos of this beautiful area. -- This particular photo makes me think "Aha!" about all the cave paintings in southern France.

    4th of July Celebration at the Hattiesburg (MS) Zoo in 2013. Click-through describes what went on.

    "Jiuzhaigou National Park, [China,]" by Burm Speed, via 500px -- I cannot even believe how gorgeous this photo with its crystal-clear reflection is!

    "The 2002 Bodger Floral Flag... As a patriotic gesture after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Bodger Seeds has again planted a Floral Flag in Lompoc, California... comprised of Red, White and Blue Larkspur flowers." -- It's 6.5 acres; 740' x 390'; 400,000+ Larkspurs planted; 2M+ blooms. Click through for more photos, including one from space.

    "First Snow," by David C. Schultz, via 500px -- "Fresh snow clinging to the branches and autumn leaves of aspen trees in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah." Doesn't even seem like a real photo!

    "German artist Andreas Gursky's 'Rhein II' became the first photograph to be sold at auction for over $4 million" in November 2011. -- Click through for a list (no other photos) of "The ten most expensive photographs" ever sold at auction.

    "Tree of Life," by Gary, Aaron & Khairul of Degree -- From the Degree site, "This unique poster aims to highlight the responsibility we have in letting animal species thrive in their natural environment—we have a choice whether or not to preserve nature and let it grow." (Purchase the poster here: -- Amazing!

    "Spring Clover," by Bill Burk on "Capture Southwest Washington" -- "Clover Field during Spring."

    "Anna Paulowna," by Bruxelles5 via Flickr -- Click through for a truly spectacular photostream "Flying over the Tulips Fields [in Anna Paulowna, The Netherlands]" by Norman Szkop. I particularly like this one for the wind turbine and the barge in front.

    "Garden of Ninfa, Central Italy" -- From the tags, Cisterna di Latina. From "TheJigsawPuzzles."

    "Zebras and flamingos," by Heinrich van den Berg -- From tags, this is in Namibia. -- I love these striking colors!

    "Abbey House Gardens," by SLR Jester, via Flickr -- "Once the site of the Abbot of Malmesbury Abbey's garden, the garden today covers 5 acres, and is located directly beside the historic ruins of the Abbey. The gardens are built about a 16th century house, and offer richly colourful garden walks throught the spring, summer, and fall." Click through for more information and photos in the photostream.

    "When the Sky Fell on the Ground" -- Click through for 17 spectacular photos of Japan's Hitachi Seaside Park while the blue of the sky seems to be reflected on the ground. [SH: From reading about the park elsewhere, I believe these are Nemophila, aka "Baby Blue-Eyes," which also grow in the western U.S.]

    "Glow with the floe: The 50ft high ice blocks that shimmer like precious stones on the surface of giant frozen lakes: Named ice hummocks, the giant blocks are formed by movement of ice floes...on Lake Baikal in Siberia, which holds one fifth of the world's fresh water." More stunning photos by Alexey Trofimov at the click-through. -- I love this turquoise peeking out of the white!

    "Fog in July," by mcilrathf, via Flickr -- The Mourne Mountains, Newcastle, Co Down, Northern Ireland

    "Shaggy mane mushrooms." -- Click through for "Getting to Know Third Lagoon" from Orca Watcher, Monika Wieland -- many other lovely shots of the San Juan Island area [Washington].

    Sunflower field, Sainte-Maxime, France

    Previous pinner: "Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki. UNREAL!!" -- SH: Photo by Ed M. Villasenor. This is the fall view of the park; see other seasons here: and

    Via the mikereport, "Bryce Canyon [Utah]"

    "Monument Valley 062," by Petits Voyages, via Flickr -- I'm loving these colors; hard to believe they weren't altered, as I've never seen this quite so saturated...

    "It was in the Scottish Highlands that my passion for photography and travel first blossomed. With landscapes like this one, it is easy to remember why." Photo by Ellen Barone.