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They're all so cute! Especially the hamsters, but I may just be biased ;)

A rodent-eating snake and a hamster have developed an unusual bond at a zoo in Tokyo, Japan. Their relationship began when zookeepers presented the hamster to the snake as a meal. However, the rat snake (named Aochan) refused to eat the rodent. The two now share a cage, and the hamster sometimes falls asleep sitting on top of his natural foe. Zookeepers have since named the hamster ‘Gohan’ – the Japanese word for meal. How adorable.

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hamster_rodent_feathers_white_background_78910_640x1136 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!❤️

Green Parrot Snake - Costa Rica by Paul Bratescu on Flickr (We'll just leave this native alone!)

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The Tiger Snake is one of the 10 deadliest terrestrial snakes in the world. 40-60% of untreated bites result in death. They are native to Australia and Tasmania.

cute little hamster---Um, I think he ate something not good and it gave him the "twitch"!

Corn Snake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I need this!!! To those who think so, it's not spoiled, it's natural but predator-free. Perfect mouse/gerbil/hamster home. The moss looks wonderful. Big nice hamster home.

Amazing photography I think the photographer waiting hours and hours for this shot.