Card catalog...pre-Google, indeed.

Catalog Card

Abandoned library and old card catalogs

card catalog

Card catalog

Wow! That's a card catalog ... "A librarian reaching for the top shelf of the card catalog."

The card catalog room at the Library of Congress, 1941. - Imgur

Card Catalog

Catalog card quilt -- cute!

Card catalog

Card Catalog Love

why i love my library card.

"Christmas condor and card catalog - AFTER," by ehoyer, via Flickr -- Me: You know the old poem..."The stockings were hung on the card catalog with care..."

Library Card

Library card....I still remember

The "old days" library cards

"Peeping In A Card Catalog," by Raymond Bryson, via Flickr

The world is in your pocket with a library card.

Card Catalog Curtain Panel -- Click through for purchasing information from H&M US.

happiness is having your own library card

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