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    I Have, Who Has: Place Value Ones and Tens - Melissa McMurray - TeachersPayTeache...

    This is a poster dealing with place value. I would use this in my classroom to hang in the classroom so children could refer back to it while working on expanded form and place value.

    I love this idea for the place value! I learned it a similar way with the houses living next to each other its a fun way for children to remember, place values! 4.NBT.3: Generalize place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers. This chart is useful to hang in your future classrooms because it allows students a visual to reference examples for place values

    GREAT IDEA! Rhythms? Solfa? Dictation? Composing? I like it for them singing the degrees that happen to come up ... Who can get it right... or CLOSE ..

    FREEBIE - This FREEBIE includes 24 Earth Day related images and 1 Bingo card TEMPLATE to be used by students to CREATE THEIR OWN Bingo card (create their own luck). After teaching about Earth Day, this can be used as a fun way to wrap up the lesson.

    Place Value Worksheet Pack - Common Core Third Grade- work with numbers in thousands

    FREE "Go Darth!" Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card Game This GO DARTH! Go Fish Card Game focuses on Equivalent Fractions! * 10 PAGES of Star Wars Themed "Go Darth" printable center games. * Distinct Cover Sheet to glue on the folders, or place in a Ziplock Baggie.

    Place Value. For basic math and beginning algebra students, having the columns "standard form," "expanded form," and "base 10 expansion" might help make clear the way base 10 works and help with their conversions between the first and last. Then, for classical algebra students, work with different bases.

    Ok brain is thinking: could change cards according to the subject and had e students find the "country, the character, the plot, the scientific method, the steps of a science experiment, the engaging beginning, etc. Brain storm with your team members and see what you can think of.