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    From "Tattooed Librarians & Archivists," this one is on the outside calf of a "Systems Librarian in a Government Library in the DC Metro Region." -- Kind of loving the paisley!

    "more ink," by Elizabeth Skene, via Flickr -- In addition to the skull and books, the corner of what's peeking around from the front is a card catalog! See it here:

    "The Game is Afoot" (from "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle) -- This is a "Temporary Literary Tattoo"!!! Click through to Litographs to see the whole collection.

    Not ready to commit? Try "Jane Austen Temporary Tattoos: Our set of twenty-two Jane Austen Temporary Tattoos includes a dramatic silhouette of the author, portraits of 'bad boys' Wickham and Willoughby, and J-A-N-E knuckle tats. What cool gifts for hard-core fans of Miss Austen!" -- I'm dying!

    "20 Amazing J.R.R. Tolkien-Inspired Tattoos" at the click-through. They really ARE amazing. Shown: "The White Tree of Gondor — but in white ink." (According to this post , this is a father-son matching tat. The original source listed there no longer has the photo.)

    I love this story from "The Word Made Flesh": "My 'American Gods' tattoo was submitted and posted a few months ago and then this happened - I met Neil Gaiman, the author of the words I chose to have permanently inked on my body and showed him my tattoo. Despite the fact that this must happen to them often, he and his wife - the musician/artist/awesome Amanda Palmer - were so excited that this photo was taken and tweeted by Amanda. That's Neil’s face next to his words." !!!

    From "The Word Made Flesh," the poster says: "taken moments after the tattoo was completed, this is no book in particular, but one designed by the tattoo artist ezra haidet at triple crown tattoo in austin, tx. the words 'In libris libertas' are latin for 'In books [there is] freedom.'"

    "The quote is from 'The Library' by Sarah Stewart" -- "They walked to the library day after day / And read page after page after page"

    Click through for "Fan Art Friday: Epic Ink," a huge collection of "Wheel of Time" tattoos. Shown: "Emma Wardle got this along her ribs. I love the design and am in awe of her pain tolerance." -- Tattoo says: "The wheel of time turns and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again."

    "'Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?' ―Lawrence Durrell, 'Justine' -- Tattoo of the old library check out card for Lawrence Durrell’s Justine."

    From "Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos" comes a tattoo, belonging to Chris, of the Penguin logo...

    From "Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos," comes "Understood," a tattoo belonging to Bookman and a quotation from George Orwell's "1984."

    "God bless us everyone..." tattoo from "A Christmas Carol."

    "#1 'And It Was Still Hot' -- Most will recognize this quote from Maurice Sendak’s 'Where the Wild Things Are' – which is a children’s book that holds fond memories for many adults." -- From "Best Quote Tattoos" at JuicyTip

    "Can You Guess These Literary Tattoos?" -- Click through for a video of literary tattoos!

    "The Best Book Title-Inspired Tattoos" -- An unusual, amusing, and comment-provoking post suggesting splitting two-word titles and tattooing them on body parts that come in twos.

    "Take a leaf out of my book..." -- Poster says: "This is my 3rd tattoo, it wraps around my right forearm... It will eventually become a sleeve, probably fairy tale themed."

    "Librarian Tattoo Calendar [for 2014] Challenges Stereotypes" -- Click through to read about it; click here to order one. All proceeds benefit the Rhode Island Library Association.

    "50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books"

    "plath, i've always loved you," by ~comfortablylaura on deviantART -- "I wasn't quite sure where to put this. I also should point out I didn't do it. But it is my body and was my idea. I suppose that counts for something?"

    "March Hare Tattoo," by ~otter1 on deviantART -- Still just an idea for a tattoo, according to the poster. The text is from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and reads "I could tell you my adventures beginning from this morning, but its [sic] no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

    Book tattoo on wrist.

    Previous pinner: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Dewey Decimal Call Number. 823.914 R797 -- Me: (Yes, that's a librarian.)

    NOT your typical Edgar Allen Poe tattoo! Tattoo by Lippo Tattoo. [Slide 2 of 18.]

    "Tattoo of the week: Artist:Lippo Tattoo," by Tattooist Art FREE e-Mag, via Flickr. -- Stretching it a bit to call it "Librarian Ink," but there are map librarians...and this is a SPECTACULAR tattoo!