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ok -- these are getting pintasticced for the dough ALONE -- they are baking now and the dough is AMAZING!  Creamy Lemon Oat Bars

Creamy Lemon Oat Bars recipe - crunchy granola crust, crumbly granola topping, and creamy lemon center. (replace the sweetened condensed milk with sweetened condensed coconut milk, and these could be vegan).

Just Call Me Maria: Oatmeal Lemon Creme Bars

Oatmeal Lemon Crème Bars

Just Call Me Maria: Oatmeal Lemon Creme Bars-will try with scratch oatmeal cookie recipe

Monkey Squares -- banana bread with brown butter frosting -- from GirlWhoAte

Monkey Squares

Monkey Squares: "supermoist sour cream banana squares topped with a browned butter frosting". Any excuse to eat browned butter frosting!

Yes, I've posted these before.  Yes, they are still some of the best cookies I've ever had.  If you give someone these for Christmas, they will forever be indebted to you.Carmelitas32 car...

On the 3rd Day of Christmas: Carmelitas

Carmelitas -- Sound like heaven in a bar cookie. Carmelitas -- Sound like heaven in a bar cookie. Carmelitas -- Sound like heaven in a bar cookie.

Jo and Sue: Salted Caramel Butter Bars. 'nuff said!!! OMG.. Update: Made them according to the recipe w/ 2 c flour but I believe it's a typo and should have been 4c flour!!

Salted Caramel Butter Bars // They were just okay. I don't understand things that are JUST sweet, and that's what this was. It needed more caramel (or less butter bar), though I appreciated the shortbread-y taste.

Lemon Creme Crumb Bars - Cooking Classy

Lemon Creme Crumb Bars

Lemon Creme Crumb Bars - Imagine a thick crumb bar with two layers similar to the struesel on top of a muffin, then picture sandwiching those layers together with a lemon creme filling that is similar to a lemon bar.

Six Sisters' Stuff: German Chocolate Cake Bars Recipe

Six Sisters German Chocolate Cake Bars Recipe. Calling all German chocolate cake lovers.this recipe is for you!

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits   1 pound of strawberries  2 tablespoons sugar, divided  1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs  2 tablespoons melted butter  12 ounces of cream cheese, room temperature  1/2 cup sour cream  2/3 cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted  2 teaspoons Amaretto  1 cup heavy cream  mint springs, for garnish

The Italian Dish - Posts - Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits. Everyone loves cheesecake but it takes to long to make and bake. This parfait is easy to make and doesn't require baking,

Rita's Recipes: Lemon Brownies Made from scratch but with only a handful of ingredients. Looks easy enough and the blog comments are positive.

Lemon Brownies - tried for a lemon lover in the family. had to add a bit more lemon juice to get it pucker perfect. the brownie part was a little bland, the glaze (with the extra lemon) was wonderful on top

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars - oh my!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars