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  • Monica McDaniel

    Wheel of Fortune math lesson ... probabilities 7SP.5, 6, and 7-Love this site, great middle school math lessons.

  • Julie Vargas

    Wheel of Fortune- I learned my ABC's watching this with my Dad And I remember when Chuck Woolery was the host.

  • Tiffany Glover

    Compete on a game show (preferably Wheel of Fortune).

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Math Probability Lesson Plans - Defy the Pig is a fun dice game that can be a great warm-up activity to math probability lesson plans. #math #lessons #probability

good starting point - going to steal some of this and make it fit my grade level

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"What are the Chances?" - A probability lesson for middle school math! This is a probability lesson where students design and test their own probability experiment. The lesson requires students to understand and calculate theoretical and experimental probabilities. Includes student record sheets and a teacher example to use as a model for students.

Mathalicious is a youthful site with some great lessons that are aligned with Common Core Standards and with where youth are today.

The kids made self portrait mosaics and then found the perimeter, area, and fractions that would make their art piece a "Math Mosaic."

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