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oh my goodness - it drives me crazy! I keep getting beat in the face with my hair. Then, it's a disaster I can't fix!

small accessories -- OR...finding them later while you are washing your hair

Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

Yep, and this is why every curly girl has a ponytail holder either on her wrist or in her purse at all times

this is my hair daily. hate it. or when the bottom is super curly but the top is just wavy. bleh!

hahahah i had a dome of hair in elementary school because my mom insisted i brush it

ahhhh,,,its ture.....Girls always dream their perfect hairstyle ,but them didnt come ture ,,because they havent a long and thick hair .. so , how can we make our hairstyle fast , #CHIUINHAIR know it..... Google search...

So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

Lol, I use 10x that and then add some conditioner to my hair gel when I use it so my curls are defined and not overly dry.