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this is my hair daily. hate it. or when the bottom is super curly but the top is just wavy. bleh!

So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

Yep I can do the exact same thing (same product, same amount, in the same weather conditions) and it never looks the same way twice.

curly hair problems #668 "omg i forgot my hair tie!!!" "just use a rubber band" *look at them like the just grew another head*

Ha! Been there...done that.... "Air drying" (naturally,) takes hours, but blow drying, (diffuser or not,) causes MORE frizz, so...your choice. : {

I like the different levels of curly... I just have to explain that may hair is this way to every hair stylist I meet

Curly Hair Problem #438. People don't understand that "I like your hair better straight" is more of an insult than a compliment.

Especially on humid matter how much gel, mousse, or other products I use!

i hate this one. because i LOVE my hair when its wet. screw being dry. ill just carry a bucket of water around with me all day! LOL

YES!! This is my problem... and then I always wonder if a different brand would work better. Turns out, they all suck!