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Bucket list! bucket list

Swim in every ocean.Atlantic & Pacific down. Indian, Southern, & Arctic left to go. (Although, I think I'll choose to kayak, rather than swim in the Arctic.

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bucket list Funny thing is, i have already been called mommy! :) Totally on accident of course but still. It was super sweet!

I'd love to save up and do this for a summer.

Best trip idea ever…

Funny pictures about Best trip idea ever. Oh, and cool pics about Best trip idea ever. Also, Best trip idea ever.

This is all I have ever known I was supposed to be 100%

I love kids so much and I really want to be a mother someday. Hopefully I will be as great a mother as my mom is to me :)

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See the monarch butterfly migration. Actually, I can check this one off. I saw the monarch migration in Roanoke when Matthew was about 3 years old.

#5-Watch baby sea turtles swim into the ocean   I would cry!!

Turtles are my favorite animal. I have a turtle named Squertle. I would kill for my turtle named Squertle. I want to watch baby sea turtles go to the ocean.

Ice hotel:p

The ice hotel! It's amazing. I read about it in the travel section. Its a hotel totally made out of ice. The roof is ice. The floors are ice. The tables are ice. The chairs are ice. The chandoliers are ice.

So far: 1 Ohio, 2 Kentucky, 3 Virginia 4. West Virginia. 5 North Carolina. 6 South Carolina. 7 Georgia. 8 Florida. 9 Texas. 10 Indiana. 11 Illinois. 12 Missouri. 13 Tennessee. 14 Hawaii. 15 Nevada. 16 Alabama. 17 Mississippi, 18. New York.

Bucket list ❤ so far i got: Alaska Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Kentucky Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia 29 to go!