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My promise

She challenges me every day to be the best person I can be! Love my sweet girl!

Motherhood. I love this!

Mothers Day Printable

no one like "MOM"

Well crap. I just cried on pinterest.

Our children are only ever lent to us... Encouragement for moms, mom quote

Great advice.

One of my future stepsons called me the glue that holds this family together! Made me feel wonderful.

*sniff* so true! <3

Mom quote...

Boy mom.

Mother quote

I love this

So true....And yes, I have 7 hearts walking outside my can be treacherous at times and others, you can't even hear differences in the joint beating. 14 smaller hearts have step outside of the already stepped outsiders...whom joins the perfect circle of life!

Love me always

Inspirational quote.