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Ha! Truth


99 problems. True Story.

Yes, I have a floordrobe.

I'm more afraid of forgetting to add an email attachment than I am of dying.



Coming up with the perfect hashtag | 13 Things Social Media Community Managers Love #cmgr

My life.

I live in "non business casual"

"New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Realistic" - so funny!


31 Times Daria Was Your Idol (via BuzzFeed Community)

Lol. Such as do you have a bathroom? You should twirl and skip and motion them to follow you to your front porch point to a bush, then twirl your way back inside and lock the door! Everything should Be done with interpretive dance! :)

Trying to agree on something to eat with your friends is an embarrassing nightmare! / 19 Struggles Of Being A Picky Eater (via BuzzFeed)

Heehee.. Yes!

I am never late because I'm not supposed to be anywhere.




Is it sad that I think this is funny when I'm the short one?

Let's celebrate Columbus Day by voyaging from the couch to the fridge.


You always feel relieved when you get home and nobody else is there. | 36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too