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Some of my patients have taught me over the years. Working with the chronically I'll & terminal patients who pull at my heart strings have always been my most memorable

nurse week 2013 | For Banker & All The Other Nurses::

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Free and Funny Nurses Week Ecard: I solomnly swear to clean up the most disgusting fluids that come from your body.

Amen... You're a nurse, you are not too good for any job there is to be done!!!

I just came up with this quote, and made it into a graphic, enjoy! "Be the type of nurse you want to work with" - Brian Short RN

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When you perform CPR you are working on an already dead person. You can only make it better for them. Though if you are breaking ribs, you are probably doing it wrong... #cpr #cpr_classes #cpr_las_vegas

Good CPR will most likely break ribs, but ribs will heal. A heart that has stopped won't. So go ahead, do break a rib (I say that in every CPR course).