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People always say that people with tattoos can never look professional but this picture proves that theory wrong. If you looked at the right side first, you wouldn't know that he was covered in tattoos. Its harsh to judge someone that looks like the left side without meeting the person on the right. Sometime people just judge unfairly.

"Have you done enough today to earn the right to live tomorrow?” Night Flying Woman by Ignatia Broker.

@Kelly Fisk...wouldn't this be a cool bee tattoo???

I want to get a tattoo someday like this with my child's initials... I'm too chicken to ever get a tattoo though

when my sister & i were little we used to always pinky promise; we're getting these matching tattoo's !! :)

@Tiffany Reid Promise Tattoo On Finger | Checkout Small Tattoo Designs

promise to always be sisters/best friends!! always to there for eachother know matter how far apart we are....Krista???

Really nice hena tattoo, great for a wedding if you had a backless dress, omg that would be so nice

pinky promise in my brother's handwriting :)

you can't take off a tattoo like you can take off a ring I guess