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    Here’s another thing to add to your bucket list or holiday destinations: eating in a restaurant right by a waterfall, with the water actually running over your feet! You can find it in San Pablo City in the Philippines, in a cozy hacienda-style resort called Villa Escudero. With a buffet type of lunch, served on bamboo leaves, it would definitely be an unforgettable way to try some of the local foods.

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    Waterfall Restaurant, Quezon province, Philippines Escudero-Waterfall-Restaurant Being the part of a Villa Escudero resort in the city of San Pablo, Waterfall Restaurant is probably the only public place in the world (in civilized society at least) where you can eat, admire the beautiful views around and … wash your feet at the same time. The local Philipino food is being served on bamboo tables at the foot of a real waterfall, so those sitting at the tables closest to the cascading water might

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