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  • Rachel Boyd

    "The Venn diagram of boys who don't like smart girls and boys you don't want to date is a circle." -- John Green

  • Ciara Olsthoorn

    John Green quotes, one day i will make this quote into a poster and hang it in my girls bedroom, BEST IDEA EVER!

  • Eileen Thoma

    John Green. Words of wisdom right there.

  • Meghan

    John Green, why are you so Correct and awesome alllll the time??? -- I love this man!

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John Green, you're kind of fantastic. I know I've already posted this quote on here, but now it comes with a lovely border!

I want to hang this in my classroom. Hard is not the opposite of fun. Thank you, John Green

THIS? Is empathy versus sympathy in the absolutely HIGHEST and BEST described way. If you're confused about the difference between them, constantly refer to this pin. |

seriously adore John Green :) thanks to Dr. BB for introducing me to him!

I'm the only person in the room

One of my favorite John Green quotes. by rocketrictic, via Flickr

He did change me. It may seem sad, but God places some people in our lives for only temporary periods. It teaches us that the Lord is the only one whose presence is forever lasting in our lives. Lean on Him, not people. But love the people He places in your life with His Spirit.

This is so...I can't even find a word to describe how great this is....And this has also been another rousing game of "Is that John Green?"

This is very true. Luckily, I figured this out.