plein de bordure de crochet.  Graphed edging with French explanation.  Site has many gorgeous crochet edges--most of which are graphed.

Free pineapple crochet edging border diagram chart pattern for baby blanket, towels, afghan etc.

crochet edging

Pineapple Lace Edging ~~ for a bedspread that has pineapple motifs, or a beautiful lace scarf in fine fluffy yarn perhaps, or maybe cotton, or maybe both!


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This Pin was discove

This Pin was discove

Crochet Thread Rose Motif - Free Crochet Diagram - (c3crochetdesigns.wordpress)

Thread Crochet Rose

graph [ "Crochet Rose Diagram Simple and beautiful!", "Crochet Rose Diagram - love the lacy effect", "Crochet Rose Diagram - I really love this but I