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One of the favorite sweet treats of Slovenia: Prekmurska gibanica (Poppyseed, Walnut and Apple Strudel Pie) | European Cuisines

from playin with my food

Hungarian Sour Cherry Strudel

My mother's friend Leah was known for her scrumptious strudels. You could count on her to show up carrying a tray of apple, cheese, or sour cherry strudel to any social gathering. Her friends always remarked they were the best strudels they had ever tasted. Leah is long gone, but her legendary strudels are still fresh in my memory. I am so thankful that I pulled her aside one day and asked exactly how they were made. It's these heirloom recipes that I treasure the most.

from Mom's Dish

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds make a perfect filling for many baked pastries such as Rogaliki, Quick Poppy Seed Rolls and many others. After purchasing canned seeds, I was very turned off by the ingredients. About then, I bumped into a recipe at Lea's Cooking and was glad to make creamy homemade poppy seeds.

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Braided Heart Bread | Pleteno Srce

How to make Slovenian Braided Heart Bread... perfect for wedding gifts.