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Before, dreadlocks hairstyle for people who are poor. It was formed by nature. Is it that when people see it shall .


My company is called Bohisha I am an indigo-hippie-dreadhead, a bilingual linguist, a practical dreamer, an armchair gypsetter.

loving it..

I’m considering getting full dreads. Rigth now i only have 6 dreads, and some braids. But the reason why i dont just get is, is that if you get full dreadlocks, you wont be abel to get them o…

Again, not all the way to the scalp.

Bohemian Fashion V ~ beautiful dreads, hairwrap and blouse. Chou Chou Bourgeois you better go make a dread in that mane right now

Couronne de fleur Boho bandeau floral mauve par gardensofwhimsy, $80.00

Get Inspired: Fiery and red! That's the Bohemian head wreath with mauve flower crown and medieval circlet hairstyle for your wedding.