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Unfiltered Reality Check.

Hilarious dog meme

my kind of casual Friday

thug life is the life for me! LOL

White people problems

LOL this made me laugh too hard. i'm not a wife, or anything but, i just can't stop laughing xD

Tanning! This is not a good way of thinking and many people have this mindset. Through my research, I have found people think they look better tan which is a starting point to tanerexia according to an online dictionary.

The ombre hair trend. | 33 Things Your Parents Will Literally Never Understand

You know you just read this in that shrill, lispy voice.

We Heart It

Have you ever been so drunk…

I love this!!

need this



Want to go to Pythons, honey? I just like their wings... LOL!!



There is no life without water. Because without water, there is no coffee. And without coffee, I’ll kill you all. | Snarkecards

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 57 Pics

The Lord is working in my life.


but seriously though