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  • Beth Ferreira

    Wicked cute idea for a Newborn - Family photo!! An idea to tell Paulina for Bella's newborn pics! :)

  • Katty

    newborn photo idea with parents out of focus in the background #baby #photo #ideas #outoffocus

  • Astra PT

    cute perspective baby photography

  • Tristen Jackman

    Newborn family photo idea.

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The interaction between Mom, Dad, and Baby is terrific. And the light on baby's face? Delicious!

These are the people I am supposed to call mother and father. My mother cries when I don't remember and father tells me time heals. I don't understand this concept that time can heal. Time is just minutes and hours. How can it heal me? I believe I must wake up the parts of my soul that are still sleeping. That will heal my memory.

newborn with mom and dad (wish i looked that well-rested when we had our newborn--hah!!)

Katie Hrubec Hrubec Hrubec Hrubec Schmeltzer Lynn ~ love this for our next newborn session in June!

Cute idea for a pic!!!! Whitney Clark Clark Silhan. But turned to where the baby's face shows. How cute is that?

I like this natural shot. Newborn photos- would be cute with sibling too!

When you hold your first born child, you never think you will bury them, and your deepest joy becomes your deepest sorrow.

Mother father baby and could throw in siblings. All in white by a window. Beautiful newborn portrait that also incorporates the family and captures the emotion of having a new addition to the family

Newborn photos- this is beautiful❤ maybe we DO need one with the 3 of us

hands...I always notice them. Hands are precious. Hands are beautiful things.