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Beautifully Surreal Self-Portraits by Amelia Fletcher - My Modern Metropolis

Photo Inspiration: 20+ of the best double exposure portraits i've ever seen - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Natasha Kusch, Queensland Ballet

Hands, woman, female, nude, black and white, photo, retouch, mood. Flotte, Fantasy, Cute ved, beautiful, amazing, silhouets, feeling, Gorgeous.

The thing I love about European dancers is that they ACTUALLY DANCE as children, and not just prance around a stage.

Original ;) Photography by © Juan Manuel Garcia. Original in colour. °

Explosions of Powder Echo Dancers' Powerful Movements - My Modern Metropolis


I love how mysterious this photograph is! I like that some aspects of the Image are more focused than others

Still Standing Creative Photo Manipulation

Tried taking a picture of a sink draining, wound up with a picture of an eye instead.

Creative photography

Wings by Alesja Popova. | movement | dance | freedom | ballet | angel | dancer | bw | long exposure |

I do not shoot action with slow shutter speed enough... Tips From a Pro: Use a Slow Shutter Speed to Capture Bodies in Motion | Popular Photography

(Open RP Needs a couple bullies and two best friends) I was walking when I was pushed into a lake by someone.....

More Stunning Photography Inspiration | From up North

Incredible!... Why did I waste my time on design when I could still be practicing photography? hmphf