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"Are you breaking the law? Patriotic Canadians will not hoard food" Food rationing poster from WWI.

This Canadian Food Board poster from WWI discourages the hoarding of food and points out that fines and/or jail time are possible punishments. 'Are you breaking the law? Patriotic Canadians will not hoard food.

Great Posters from When We Used to Care About Wasting Food | WWII Poster

11 great posters from when we used to care about wasting food

This is a propaganda poster regarding food rations during the time of World War I. The posters would say "Food is a weapon, don't waste it" meaning that food is scarce just like the weapons we need for war.

we would all be healthier if we ate like this again. of course this was supplemented with many homegrown vegtables

Rationing in WW II. 1 egg a fortnight and 1 onion every 3 weeks? Can you imagine, how small meal times would have been?

The Green Genealogist: Family Recipe Friday: Friendship Cake

My grandmother is always telling me about this pound cake she bakes. She bakes it for parties, holidays, and friends. I vaguely remember eat.

Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Canadian WW1 Propaganda Posters Page 28

Examples of Propaganda from If you cannot put the "I" into fight, you can put the "pay' into patriotism by giving to the Canadian Patriotic Fund.

During World War I, the Women's Land Army served as a support group to help women keep up the nation's food production. Some women were even transported from their homes to rural areas to help.

Get Behind the Girl

1918 WWI Womens Land Army by Guenther Vintage Military Poster PRINTED BY: The American Lithographic Company 1918 New York State Army Membership Committee. AGE: World War One era 1918 lithograph.

Victory Garden  US.  c. 1942-1945 MOLLY! (American Girl) ahhhh!

How to Farm in the City; Urban Homesteading

Definitely planting a victory garden when I am in my first house. ("'Plant a Victory Garden' ~ WWII poster, c.