A water bottle for the gym that holds your personal things

Crazy...Shoes holding you back? Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore. You go Nike.

Kangaroo water bottle // has a storage compartment for keys, money etc. I NEED this! Perfect for working out, gym, yoga.


This was the top pinned image of the month! I love it when the image contains the instructions too. Can order some lavender essential oil on Amazon

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working Out -


Keysocks. Knee high socks made to not show when you're wearing pants and flats. Awesome, brilliant, I need these.

Love this hoodie!

This is the world's smallest working aquarium, which holds just two tea spoons of water. The miniature wonder, which is made of glass and measures just 30 mm. wide by 24 mm. high and 14 mm. deep, can be held in the palm of your hand. It is so small there is only room for these tiny zebra fish.

How to cut a glass BETTER THAN YARN AND FINGERNAIL POLISH REMOVER way. This is impressive and very simple and safe!

skeletal cat candle

Box of Chocolates Money Gift

15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do -All my friends with iPhones should know these :) especially the last one!

So true!

Magnets on bottom of bottles, and then they can always be ready to use. craft space genius!

Gym is my new boyfriend.