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DIY – Personalized Sharpie Mug Tutorial

'She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.' mug

Dishwasher-Safe Sharpie Mugs: plain sharpies do not work... must use oil-based sharpies for craft projects!

We are sure you have seen these Sharpie Mugs are all over Pinterest, but you may have heard that they are a Pinterest Fail too. In fact my friend made them with regular sharpies and learned the hard way. This step-by-step instructions not only shows you how to make them AND tips on which markers won't wash off! This is such a fun easy project and DIY gift idea! We hope you love it as much as we did! Best of all you can make this project for around $1.00!

D.I.Y. Sharpie Mugs

20 Great Sharpie Ideas & Projects

Tea Time Dollar Store Mug - OPC The Better Half. This would be a great gift for a tea lover..there are tons of tutorials for using Sharpie oil paint markers on dollar store ceramics like these, then making the surface permanent by baking.

Good Morning mug

Bless This Hot Mess Travel Coffee Mug

tea // simplici - tea

Handpainted ladybug mugs

DIY Wood Grain Mug Tutorial... So easy to make! #craft #diy #gifts

cute mug idea, use a sharpie to draw on a white mug then bake it

mr. and mrs. mug - last name and wedding date - sharpie-dollar store mug-bake it. - storing this away for wedding gift ideas. :)

Easy DIY Chalkboard Mug! What a fun gift #handmade gifts #creative handmade gifts #do it yourself gifts #diy gifts| http://diy-gift-ideas.blogspot.com

custom postcard mugs

awesome idea