Painted Sticks by bonjourfrenchie- my kiddos are always collecting sticks. They would love these

Hand painted Beach Driftwood Dreamcatcher Textile Wall hanging Boho Hippie Ibiza Garden could bead rather than paint

painted rocks

i'd like to make these thread wrapped, not just painted :)

painted sticks

DIY Painted Driftwood Key Hook with step-by-step instructions.

fun! fabric wrapped tree limbs....

Painted Driftwood Neon Stick Collection 5 Piece by bonjourfrenchie - but easy made! :D

i like this idea for some of the branches i've collected

yarn bombed branches

painted wine bottles

Awesome walking sticks by Ms. Sticks. Both my sons make walking sticks too, but not as fancy as hers.

Painting Sticks - good outdoor fun found on Brisbane Kids via Be a Fun Mum

Walking sticks by Allen Goodman, a Woodcarving instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School |

cute painted rocks

Heart sticks trivot

Let kids have fun painting sticks from outside, then put them in a vase for a centerpiece!

Broom Handle Inspiration African Art Inspired Walking Sticks. These would be fun to make with the Grandkids. Paint or Woodburn.

Craft stick bookmarks.

stick weaving

Fairy crafts - using crafts sticks