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There are essentially FOUR LEVELS in Network Marketing that you have to learn and carry out before you become successful and make real money. In this article, I explain why YOU MUST BECOME A LEVEL ONE BUSINESS BUILDER FIRST!

In my previous article called “Moving to Level Two Business Builder”, I explained the difference between Level One and Level Two, and I told you how important it is to work on your self-development. This post is about LEVEL 3 BUSINESS BUILDER: THE MASTER MARKETER.

This article is the last one of my four posts about what you have to do to become a Business Builder. Once you have completed your Level Three and once you have become a Master Marketer, you are ready to reach the LEVEL FOUR BUSINESS BUILDER: THE HOLY GRAIL.

Remember what we said in my previous article: once you have completed your training, acquired all necessary skills and practiced enough to become a MASTER PROSPECTOR and a MASTER RECRUITER, you are getting leads on regular basis. You recruit 1 to 2 new team members per week (if you work part time), and 2 to 4 new team members per week (if you work full time). You are now an accomplished Level One Business Builder and it is time to for you to be MOVING TO LEVEL TWO BUSINESS BUILDER.