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Wonder Woman


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So true lol

I just died..

27 Times Tumblr Used Art History Perfectly To Make A Point: omg I almost peed myself. IM CRYING

It's for a good cause.


Thank you Google, I can now eat like a hobbit

dino humor

If Your Food Told the Truth, Here Are 10 Things It Would Say to You.


We all have a past...even Jedi masters

I need this shirt lol

Hilarious "fuck that" cat

Kate and Wills

U take Vicodin, Neurontin, Metoprolol, Lipitor, Insulin, Xanax and Nitro, but you don't have a medical hx, correct?

I love this! I hate when I say something about being fat or feeling fat and people say "No, you're not fat, you're beautiful." well why can't I be both?

White girl things

So true

Nothing... is wonderful

Heart this¦}

It's true. I really don't like actually talking on the phone.

My new favorite nursery rhyme.


Ok. Ok

Haters gonna hate :) #Quotes

Just too funny