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Never. Ending.- I laughed harder then I should have.

First, it's the laptop. After that, it's the iPad, then the iPod. This is my hubby and I... almost every night!

LVC people would know and understand this..I've never had doors held for me for more than 30 seconds anywhere but there.

Funny Reminders Ecard: Growing up i always thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it turned out to be.

This is all of our life stories.

This guy gets me. There's a a point in time when you reach a certain age when you just feel like not having plans sounds 100 times better than going out. For me this feeling hit at age 18. And I have no shame in it.

'Should I add more liquor?' is the most ridiculous question I've ever been asked.

I know I learned something in my conversation analysis class when I read this pin and start thinking about what transcripts I could use to show such a hypothesis....

Motherhood. Because that one shower a week feels better than sanity ever did.

I'm fluent in "shitshitshitshit!"<-- totally and I'm not even a procrastinator, just too much shit to do