Well obviously we have a basilisk in Hogwarts school. He's climbing up yo' staircase, snatchin' yo' Muggle-borns up, trying to petrify em, so ya'll need to hide yo' Gryffindors, hide yo' Hufflepuffs, and hide yo' Ravenclaws cuz they petrifyin' errybody out here. #harrypotter

harry potter puns

must be a weasley

I find this waaaay funnier than it should be.


Haha awesome!

That is awesome!

Harry Potter humor :) @Sarah Chintomby Newell



Made My DAY!!!

hahahaha.. i'm still laughing too hard at this! OMG i'msuch a nerd! lmao

Mean Girls!

Funny haha

AWESOME!!!!!!! http://trendypics.net/humor/well-played-jk-rowling-well-played-.html #boss #awesome #burn #HarryPotter #jkrowling #ultimatewin


I laughed so hard I kind of cried a little!! GREAT!!