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Designed by Adrián Froufe | Country: Italy “100×100 is a brand dedicated to organic food that seeks to create links between rural producers and urban consumers and tries to improve the quality of the products we consume in our day to day lives.”

Eleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil – simple leaf abstract as a part of letter. The concept of the design idea comes from the process of protecting olive trees from bugs by painting them on the bottom part with white protection paint. Brilliant!!! by Emilia Fiedorowicz

well designed drinks are the best thing ever, and probably my number one monthly expense :D

Joco / Jimmy Gleeson

The layout of this packaging is unique and eye catching in the way it is presented. The colour scheme is suitable and the type stands out against it.

Designed by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. | Country: Canada | Fonts used: None (Handlettered)

"Tomoka is the legendary schooner Captain Bill McCoy used for rum-running, also known as bootlegging, during the time of prohibition. Tomoka was one of the most famous rum-runners and as McCoy became famous for never watering his booze and only selling top brands, Tomoka is often associated with the term “The Real McCoy”. The bottle label tells the story of Captain McCoy and the inspiration behind Tomoka.”

Scrub Bar | Designed by Spread Studio Design of packaging for sustainable handmade soap bars illustrating the natural ingredients and artisan production.