Be where you are, not where you think you should be.

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"Take it day by day and be grateful for every breath." Photo: Pinterest/Kimberly Clervois Read more:

I will always worry and care about friends and family...and those people who have touched my heart or shared their wisdom along the many years....even if they never think of me, care, or give back a second thought. Life is about what we give to the world...not what we get in return. The point of life is to make a difference that we exist at all..♡dh

need to remember this more often

words that are true... and sweet.

Just do it.

True and so hard to remember.

I definitely need to remember this


good advice for everyone


i love this idea..

Be present in today!! Give God the mistakes of yesterday. Live knowing that God is big enough to work through our imperfections.

Be kind anyway.

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Ernest Hemmingway.

Take Time To Be Sure, But...

Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

No one will understand...