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This looks like something that would happen to me. Because I've sent texts to friends like that before a date. But it hasn't yet, and I am married now, so I'm safe. haha!

Fake or not, it's pure awesome! Dad: Hey punk, when are you coming home? Son:Lol.. I'll be back over around 2.Can you keep the door unlocked please???? :o Dad:Hell no! I'll keep a window unlocked, but you have to figure out which one it is and try not to make the dog bark or your grounded for a month.Son:Challenge Accepted.

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Page 2 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

from Etsy

Whatever, I'm late anyway wood clock

my kind of time teller

Autocorrects - Gramps ok to visit tonight? Have some things to drop around to you and the girlssure thing. You gonna bang Gran? Would like to, but she shut up shop years agoOMG I meant bring. BRING Granfigured that. I was having a joke Greg don't give yourself a heart attack. And Gran is coming if she can stop laughing by thenkill me now. I don't ever what to look at you or Gran again.

from Oddee

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Priceless memories that will forever be remembered...! Too bad the child is scarred for life because of those memories, at least I would think she would be. I know I would be.

Creep a friend on Facebook... end up on their 2nd cousin's sister's best friend's wife's brother's grandma's profile. | Cry For Help Ecard