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Chicken Tractors

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You have decided to raise chickens for egg production in order to become more self-sufficient. One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, “which breed is a prolific producer of eggs?” Choosing from the hundreds of breeds available can be a daunting task, but if your goal is eggs there are a … Continue reading »

TRASH CAN chicken TRACTOR?? You Betcha!! other two pics on board or see site !! OUT OF THE BOX!! ♥

chicken tractor - wheels all around = easy to push instead of lift & pull

The Chicken Chick: Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes in 3 steps!

Poultry Breeds - Araucana Chickens

Chicken tractor...portable chicken pin, so you can move it to different places in your yard! love it!

Beautiful Chicken Coop Tractor. (Please share via FB Rita D'Alvarez via Homesteading / Survivalism!) Chicken tractors allow a kind of free ranging along with shelter, allowing chickens fresh forage such as grass, weeds and bugs, which widens their diet and lowers their feed needs. Unlike fixed coops, chicken tractors do not have floors so there is no need to clean them out.

We raised our girls on real food, and they loved everything I tried with them except for yogurt (go figure). At six weeks old, I introduced them to commercial grower feed. They didn't like it. While I found that to be somewhat annoying, I was very proud them them for knowing the difference between "real food" and manufactured food-like substances.