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FELT GAMES - josh laura and brynlee: Homemade Christmas Gift #1

Pin the bow on the Barbie was such a cute homemade game & the kids got a kick out of it

Tire Donuts ~ for car party, place mini donuts on a chopstick or skewer and pile rest of donuts around skewer [printable sign or customize]

Events Not Forgotten: Ka-Chow! Colt is 3!

Crafty Teacher Mom: Disney Cars Birthday Party!

Photo 2 of 80: Disney Cars / Birthday "Anderson's 2nd Birthday Party!" | Catch My Party

Pom-Pom Balloons! | Design Improvised

Dress up like Jake and the Neverland Pirates this is really a cool idea

pirate ship hot dogs- Jake and the Neverland Pirates party

{Balloon Bunch Cupcakes} How cute are these?!?!

"quick change" baby shower gift How cute! Just grab a bag and go; it's already loaded with diaper, wipes, and sanitizer. Brilliant idea!

Water Pinata! A cheap and fun way to have the kids cool off!


Frisbee Tic Tac Toe Get a shower curtain from Dollar Tree and we use cheap tape to make a Tic Tac Toe grid. Set 6 frisbees out and have the kids stand behind a line and see who had the best aim!

wrapping paper w/packing tape

mickey mouse letters

spray paint beans to get whatever color you want...for cheap!

Easy centerpiece for any young age- and tie balloons to the top. This is really cute

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

clubhouse sign

Design with glue on a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby. Paint, then wax. SUPER cheap project!

Cookie Monster gift bag to package some homemade chocolate chip (or other flavor) cookies for you Nicole Payne

Mickey Mouse Font for Banner

pretzels with disney sprinkles