Hmmm... Nice wranglers : )

Welllll... hello shirtless man with a cowboy hat. How YOU doin'? {I absolutely laughed out loud at the original pinner's comment}!

boy how i love a man in wranglers

oh my!

no need for an explanation

A country boy who knows his way around a barn, horses, farm machinery, a shot gun, a pistol, the woods, & my that too much to ask?

I just lost my breath a little @Lindsey Seaton

wrangler butts! ;D

A Praying Cowboy ❤

Wanna be my boyfriend?


Sweet lord baby Jesus.

The Cowboy Way

mmmm ;]

Wrangler Butt

Once again I find myself wanting to write a love letter to Wrangler. ;) But that is just fine from top to bottom. Legs, butt, ridiculously trim waist, back, beautiful broad shoulders, and arms that make me weep. *sigh*




Luke and Bo Bryan:) too cute!