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Tibetan with his hand grindstone.From the Nazi's Tibetexpedition.Photographer Beger, Bruno. 1938.

Old Tibetan Kalinka. From Nazi's Tibetexpedition.Photographer Beger, Bruno. 1938

Woman with child. From Nazi's Tibetexpedition.Photographer Beger, Bruno. 1938

"Don't keep a diary"

Tibet, Lhasa. Young woman carryng stones. From Nazi's Tibetexpedition. Photographer Beger, Bruno. 1938

Red Army Scout N. Romanov, armed with sub-machine gun PPSh-41 and four hand grenades RGD-33, 1942.

German soldiers (one with an injured hand) have a discussion during a lull in combat on the Eastern Front in the city of Oryol. Oryol was occupied by the Germans on 3 October 1941 and liberated on 5 August 1943 following the Battle of Kursk. The city was almost completely destroyed during the Soviet’s effort to retake it. Oryol Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. 9 July 1942.

Little boy holding soldiers hand. It's so sad that the little ones are mixed up in all this.

Shaking hands by U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), via Flickr A U.S. Marine stops to shake hands with a young girl while on patrol in Marjah, Afghanistan

nazi hockey

Bruno Beger

Nazi plane falls

Tyr the Norse god of courage, honour and the unbroken word. He shared with Odin the duty of choosing the heroes the Valkyries transport to Valhalla.

Nazi propaganda.

Hitler rides triumphant into the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia that has just been dissolved by the Nazis, 1938.

Nazis Buzzing About 1937

Dalai Lama with Nazi Bruno Beger, who convicted of War Crimes and of conducting experiments on 86 Jewish inmates at Auschwitz.

. Russian soldier armed with a PPsh. The fall of Nazi Regime.

Bruno Beger prende delle misure antropometriche.

Norwegian pro-Nazi/SS poster - Imgur

Rose Valland, who helped track and recover the art objects shipped through Paris during the Nazi invasion and occupation.