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From dishwashers with digital interfaces to apps that manage the home, a shift in home appliances will need as much TLC as a web app.


Reasons Why a Buyer Will Say “No” to Buying your Business #infographic

Reasons Why a Buyer Will Say "No" to Buying your Business #infographic #Business


Mobile: The Future of Marketing #infographic

Mobile: The Future of Marketing #infographic #Marketing #Mobile

National Geographic (blogs)from National Geographic (blogs)

Visualizing the Psychology of Color

From the colors chosen for the home to those in advertisements -- it's The Psychology of Color infographic found on National Geographic Daily News

Quartzfrom Quartz

How the world orders and delivers in 10 charts

More retailers are scrambling to stay ahead of consumers' evolving expectations about home deliveries.

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FaceBeast review- Make Cash Just by Using Facebook!

FaceBeast is a newly launched money making program which snaps up the stance of those individuals who are looking for different strategies and techniques to generate huge amount of money online.

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When the Object of a Search Ad Is a Phone Call

Before mobile, search advertising was based on the premise that if you put the right information in front of consumers, then they're likely to click.

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Houston, TX

The lasting effects that mobile-marketing has on consumers versus other mediums.

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Infographic: Home Improvement Shoppers Use Online Video More Than TV

Get into YouTube!!! Home Improvement Shoppers Use Online Video More Than TV | Adweek

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Users Stay Longer on Tumblr Than Facebook, Says David Karp

#Tumblr users spend an average of 14 minutes per visit, says CEO David Karp. That's more than Facebook and Twitter.

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Philips Introduces a Beard Trimmer With a Built-In Laser Guide For Precision Shaving

Laser Guided Beardtrimmer - Are you incredibly stringent on how straight your chin strap and goatee look? If so, you may want to check out this laser guided beard trimmer, than perfectly shave them off - it's 2013, come on already.

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Nielsen: TV Still King In Media Consumption; Only 16 Percent Of TV Homes Have Tablets

닐슨이 조사한 각 미디어 소비 경향 미국 사용자들을 대상으로 하지만 아직까지는 TV가 가장 큰 소비 채널이라는 점(한 달에 1백44시간 54 분) 2위가 컴퓨터를 통한 인터넷(28시간 29분) 3위가 온라인 동영상(5 시간 51분) 4위가 모바일을 통한 동영상(5 시간 20 분)

A study showed that consumers are more likely to forgive companies who have produced a defective product if it is a first instance of a recall or faulty product from the company.

Infographic: Why the Hispanic markets are vital to your marketing and advertising campaign.


Selling Made in U.S.A., but Very Carefully

Selling Made in U.S.A., but Very Carefully -

14. The brand has also expanded out of clothing and shoes into 'lifestyle' products like this shaker. This is perfectly on-brand, given Kate Spade's espousal of a collection of New York/adventure/lifestyle values. After all, what could be more adventurous to a single woman than having too many cocktails in the big city?