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  • BJ Riordan

    Different Ways to Fold Napkins: Place colored napkins in wine glasses to give your tables a pop of color. Folding napkins is easy and brings a personal touch to your table in no time. Begin with a simple fold, such as in-half to form a rectangle or a triangle, and place the napkin under the fork. Roll the napkin into a tube-like shape, secure with a napkin ring and place it on the dinner plate. Start with these and the following techniques to get the idea of the look and feel you want. Use paper or cloth napkins for any of these folds. Graceful (Quick) Drape: Lay a napkin flat and pull it up from the center with one hand. Gently sweep down the sides of the napkin with your other hand to form a soft drape. Lay the napkin diagonally across the plate or next to the silverware. For an extra accent, pull the napkin through a napkin ring as you form the drape. You could also tuck the napkin into a wine glass. Fan in a Glass: Smooth a napkin on a flat surface. Starting with the edge closest to you, fold the napkin in pleats like a fan. Carefully fold the pleated napkin in half and tuck into a glass. Pull the pleats apart to form an open fan. As an alternative, place the folded end through a napkin ring then fan out the pleats. Flower in a Ring: This fold looks elegant but is easy to do. Begin with a square napkin and fold it in half away from you. Pull the corners of the top half down toward you to meet in the middle along the folded edge. Carefully turn the napkin over, keeping the folded edge closest to you. Fold the other side in half so the top edge meets the bottom edge. Fold up each corner. Pleat the napkin from left to right in one-inch pleats. Secure the pleated napkin in a ring and gently pull apart the pleats to fan out the flower shape. Childish Whimsy: For the little ones, begin with a square napkin. Lay it flat and turned so it looks like a diamond. Bring the top corner down toward you to the bottom corner to form a triangle whose long edge is at the top. Fold the triangle in half, from left to right, to form a smaller triangle. Turn the smaller triangle so the long edge is at the top. Fold both sides down to make "ears," leaving some space across the top. Draw a doggy face on the napkin. For a feline variation, fold the "ears" three-quarters of the way up, turn the napkin over and draw a kitty face on the napkin. Use a washable marker on fabric (test first) or any kind of marker on a paper napkin.

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