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Homemade Goo Gone

Homemade Coconut Shampoo- your hair

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Homemade Toothpaste!

Natural homemade drain cleaner

Get rid of that icky goo

Best way to remove labels from jars and bottles! Peel as much of the label off as you can. Use these 2 items: Baking Soda & Vegetable Oil. That’s it!! Mix equal parts of the two to form a runny paste. Put the paste on label and stuck-on glue. Leave for a few minutes & come back and just wipe away!

Homemade minty mouthwash...worth a look

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DIY -- Homemade Febreze. Easy recipe for $.15 and it's better than the real thing! AWESOME.

DIY Stain Remover |In a spray bottle, add 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 1 part baking soda, and 2 parts water.

5 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil: cleaning, in glass of h20, sore throat or cough, goo-be-gone alternative

Simple is Pretty: Homemade Goo Gone

To make your own, you just need water, washing soda (note that you can also use baking soda) and hydrogen peroxide. Just mix equal parts of peroxide and washing soda with a double part of water. For instance, mix 1 cup of water with ½ cups each of washing soda and peroxide.

Baking soda has scrubbing power but won't scratch surfaces. Mix a paste of 3 parts warm water to 1 part baking soda to scrub kitchen stains or clean the oven. Make a bathroom cleanser by mixing dishwashing liquid with baking soda until you have a thick paste

Homemade carpet powder, if you add a cup of borax to this mixture it will kill any bugs that may be in your carpet! (fleas, etc!)Another said:I use nutmeg or clove ground with baking soda, and everyone can't find why my house smells so inviting and homey.

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