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  • Kendall Girault

    "its not a sport..." they say... "its not dangerous" they say "you just sit there" they say... Basketball players dont require medical history armbands on a uniform

  • Molly Erickson

    Eventing: The only sport where you're required to have your medical information strapped to your arm. #equestrianproblems

  • Hope Towle

    True facts

  • Michelle Schroer

    True story!!!

  • Kerri Cashman

    Just found out it includes your blood type too!!

  • Tori linn

    equestrian problems. i don't see all these football players (IN FULL PADS) having to do this and all equestrians get is helmets and boots :)

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it takes one crazy horse person to understand another and yet they dont look at each other like they're crazy because they know

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and sore as all can be (try a jockey lesson.. that was the most fun and yet so incredibly painful the next day)

-regardless of how serious you are about riding, you should always do it because you love it and find it enjoyable...

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