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Tartelette: Grilled Salmon Sandwiches With Pesto Avocado Spread & A Grilled Apricot & Prosciutto Salad.

avocado and grilled corn salad with cilantro vinaigrette

Make lots. LOTS! Addictive. Saw this long ago on this blog, saw it again on Pininterest. Really really good.

illustrated bites - how to slice an avocado + bonus guacamole recipe

Creamed avocado and lime chilled pasta. Perfect Summer dish! Looking forward to trying this one. Might have to go find a ripe avacodo tonight...

Avocado Toast 1/4 reed avocado, sliced Tapatio (or tobasco) Olive Oil Wheat Bread Toast the wheat bread, cover with avocado. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top, plus a little olive oil and hot sauce. Eat, enjoy, repeat.

California Roll - Ray Special California Roll with extra advocado thinly sliced on top. It actually tastes really good and feels silky smooth in my mouth although I've never been a big fan of advocado.

Avocado (Click on Avocado and scroll down for a list of good things certain fruits do for you!)