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Love the perspective!

i think this is a cool idea but the fact is i would not do it like she is its not decent but it is a cool idea would just have to change how u do it


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What are you doing to have a serious breakthrough? Sometimes our obstacles seem like rocks but if you are to create momentum those obstacles move like water. Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spiegelspel

This is me My life

Awesome picture idea. Something like this but slow dancing instead. Then in 20 years after we are out of Washington we can look back and remember all of the rainy days that we survived. :)

Rain, fall on me. Rain, wash it away, all this away. Rain, soothe what burns inside. Rain, stretch down from the clouds like ribbon like lace, stretch down and soak me now. Rain, fall on me. tyler knott


skateboarding opens your eyes and lets you see things the other way around

barefoot puddle jumping #thesimplethings

rain rain go away!