(the black stripe is electrical tape with a washer hot glued on)...Included in Santa's belly: "coal" (chocolate at the bottom to give lift); "snowballs" (Whoppers); Hot Cocoa mix with Santa; chocolate Santa; candy canes; candy-filled plastic candy cane; cookie of choice, and a handful of red and white stripped mints (and a bell, because Santa should jingle!). # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Clay pot deer

Adorable Santa pails party favor!

Clay pots

wrap 3 cardboard boxes in batting and using hot glue, stick together. add a scarf, some black pom pom buttons, a black hat and HELLO. . . .Frosty!

Snowman Soup (hot chocolate) - recipe and free printables

Christmas Gift Wrap Idea (I wish I could find the instructions!!) Red paper, black ribbon, gold gift tag. Cut a square in tag thread ribbon then tape on back.

made out of Hersey Kisses, styrofoam, hot glue, & pipe cleaner

Santa Party Mix - great packaging!

Rudolph Hairstyle for Holidays , click on the image for complete tutorial

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: Stacked Jar Hot Chocolate Snowmen!

Hot chocolate kits

Santa's Belly Treat Cups - Crafts by Amanda Since I'm lazy and poor I'm gonna use the red solo cup, add electrical tape for the belt, cut out gold cardstock squares for the buckle, and hot glue fluffed out cotton balls on the top. Put in some tissue paper and candy and WALLAH a Santa belly treat cup poor girl style! :)

Hot cocoa mix

Reindeer doughnuts

Christmas Brownies

Snowman gift jars made from baby food jars! fill with marshmallows and put in a small gift bag w hot cocoa mix... or fill with cotton balls and make a cute manicure/nail polish gift!

Santa Claus Clause Hat Chair Covers Set of 4 Decor Christmas Holiday Festive

Brassy Apple: 52 Holiday Neighbor Gifts ideas! - secret santa ideas!