Wow This Is Real Crazy

Legging abuse is real and we must put a stop to it. Flesh-toned leggings are an automatic FAIL. Never forget.


There, I fixed it!

What could go wrong?

heather and ivan morison tales of space and time - wood house truck ~ Now there's an idea. I like this.

Boiler Pot Hot Tub | 31 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

make a Generator quiet

Redneck Hot Dog Cooker ... Just clean the rake first!

Camping vs. NOT camping

tiny house truck - - what? lol

School bus conversion camper. It's different but cool too.

baidya bus home

Awesome for gourmet car camping. Saw some like this at costco a while back


yellow teardrop

Cricket Camper Trailer

Camping couch!!


Vintage camping stove