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Link between animal products in diet and heart disease strengthened in Cleveland Clinic research

Link between animal products and heart disease

Ramsi is just one child suffering from a Mitochondrial Disease. She will never be able to run the way other children do, gets twice as sick as other children, has developmental delays, and lives with the frustration every day. Many children have symptoms much worse than hers. Whether symptoms such as hers, or much, much worse, Ramsi and other children with Mitochondrial Diseases need our support. This monster of a disease is still very unknown. Help us spread the word and make the world…


Clinical trials using adult stem cells to treat MS (video)

Clinical trials using adult stem cells to treat MS -Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and Case Western Reserve University-Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @SOS Inc. Resources.

2012 Symposium - Navigating the Medical World When You or Your Child have Mitochondrial Disease by UMDF. (From Urgent Care in ER to Extended Hospital Stays, What are the Do's and Don'ts) Jodie Vento, MGS, CGC

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Sister, 9, pens book about brother, 5, to find cure for his disease

Makenzie Lawrey (pictured reading to her brother left, and in hospital with him right), from Cape Coral, Florida wrote 'The Mighty Mito Superhero' about six-year-old Gavin who suffers from Mitochondrial Disease. The disease, which does not have a cure, means that Gavin's cells are unable to produce energy, causing him to suffer seizures and leaving him sapped of energy. Makenzie hopes to raise $1 million with her book - and has already raised $20,000 in just one week. <3