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20 Best Pantry Organizers

doors that slide in? and when family comes, it can be for coffee maker, cereal bowls, toaster, cups, bowls, at lunch plates, sandwich fixings etc. AWAY from the space needed to prepare it all

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Declutter Your Home - Fast!

This a great idea for our house games! And for my demos. Oh, wait. They're the same thing! 15-Minute Fix: Living Rooms

Are you someone that loves to bake like me?  Do you have trouble finding some little things that you need when you start making a delicious treat for the family…like me?  Well if you answered no…that is fabulous…but if you answered yes that means you just might be a little unorganized and could use some …

Miracle Worker Stain RemoverMix together 1 t Dawn (stick with the traditional blue Dawn), 4 T Hydrogen Peroxide, and 2 T Baking Soda. Mix it together.

Family Favorites Recipe Book -compile your recipes into a fun binder using a template on this post - you can put a picture of your recipe on your page using one of the templates.

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Grab-and-Go Snack Stashes

Bin 1- popcorn, veggie straws "junk food" Bin 2- goldfish, rice and ritz crackers Bin 3- fruit to go and fruit & veggie source bars Bin 4- fruit cups and apple sauces or fresh fruit. Bin 5- cheese strings, babybell cheese, yogurt tubes, yoplait drinks and/or diced regular cheeses Bin 6- Meat & veggies. Here I have turkey lunchmeat rolled up, turkey pepperettes, carrots or cucs, hard boiled eggs or leftover diced chicken breasts. Bin 7- will be granola bars, banana muffins or cookies!